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About Mapping the Unjust City / Vem äger staden

Mapping the Unjust City / Vem äger staden is an interdisciplinary collective based in Stockholm, Sweden, formed in 2015, with members working in the fields of art, design, architecture, and aesthetics.

The body of work of Mapping the Unjust City / Vem äger staden is a collaborative process exploring civil rights in relation to ownership in the built environment, with an ambition to visualize and distribute information to promote consciousness and action.

Group members include Maryam Fanni, Elof Hellström, Åsa Johansson, Sarah Kim, Paula Urbano.

The group has prior to 2018 presented under the name mdgh, an acronym that stands for Mot Den Globala Hemlösheten (Against the Global Homelessness), a fictive association originally started in order to investigate responses from shopping mall owners on demonstration rights.


2021.10.29–2022.01.16 Group exhibition: "Phantoms of the commons", Tensta konsthall

Our work has been presented at

2023.02.07 Lecture: KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm
2022.11.04 Panel discussion: Impakt festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
2021.10.07 Symposium: "The Right to Design" organized by Onkar Kular and Henric Benesch at HDK-Valand/Röhsska museet
2021.09.30–2021.10.01 Symposium: "Creative methodologies for uncovering data on the urban" organized by SLU Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and DUT Durban University of Technologies
2021.05 TedxKI From Mirage to Oasis, "How public is our public space?", Karolinska Institutet
2020.11–2021.02 Fall exhibition Systems of Architecture, RISD Rhode Island School of Design, USA
2020.03.12 Conversation with curator Lisa Gordon at Iaspis Open House, Stockholm
2019.10.01–2020.03.30 Residency at Iaspis, Stockholm
2020.02.12 Talk: "Makten. Staden. Konsten – Vem äger staden?", Göteborgs konsthall, Göteborg
2019.11.06–2019.11.17 Group exhibition: "The City Shines Every Day With New Stories", WIP konsthall, Stockholm
2019.11.23 Panel: "Vem äger staden" together with Centrum För Sociala Rättigheter, SocForum 2019 ABF-huset, Stockholm
2019.10.04 Talk: "Den mäktiga medborgaren", Hallonbergen centrum, Sundbyberg
2019.06.19–11.03 Exhibition including sound piece "Centrumrapporten" at Konstfrämjandet Stockholm
2019.05.24–26 Participating in Collectively organized by Council and Iaspis
2019.05.02–06.19 Exhibition at Aspuddens bokhandel, Stockholm
2019.02.04–2019.02.24 Exhibition: "Vem äger centrum?" ("Who owns the center?") at Sundbybergs stadsbibliotek
2019.01.24–2019.04.28 Residency: Marabouparken Gästrum
2019.02.13 Talk: Artist talk between Marika Troili, Lisa Torell and us, Marabouparken, Stockholm
2018.05.31–2019.01.13 Group exhibition: Public Luxury, ArkDes Museum of Architecture and Design, Stockholm
2018.03.08 Panel: “Panelsamtal om jämställdhet och stadsbyggnad”, Färgfabriken, Stockholm
2018.01.25 Talk: Royal Insitute of Art Research Week 2018, Stockholm (video)
2017–2018 Developing the project Mapping the Unjust City with support from Kulturbryggan
2017.11.14 Conference: Exclusion 2nd PARSE Conference, Göteborg
2017.10.12 Workshop: “Mapping mall ownership”, Sites and Situations, Konstfack
2017.06.03 Group exhibition: “The Promise”, Index The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm
2016.10.04 Group exhibition: Bostadsvrålet, Uppsala
2016.05.25 Group exhibition: “Displacement Barricades and 35 Portions of Bulgur", Södertörns högskola, Stockholm
2016.01.16 Group exhibition: “Kampen om Högdalen", Fria konsthallen, Högdalen
2015.09.05 Talk: "Det allmänna/The common", Verkstad Rum för Konst, Norrköping
2015.06.02 Group exhibition: “Om platsen fortfarande finns kvar”, Högdalens Folkets hus, Högdalen
2015.06.02 Conference: Sweden is becoming – a day on migration and urban development, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
2015.05.28 Group exhibition: “Mind the Movements!”, Galleri Mejan

Our work has been published in

2018 Article: Thoughts on Representations of Ownership, Parse Journal Issue 8
2015 Article: “Köpcentrum som offentlig plats”, Hjärnstorm 124–125 Torget (The Square)
2015 Chapter in book: “Om rörelser/On movements”, published by Kungl. Konsthögskolan


2021.10.01 "Ny utställning på Tensta konsthall tar temperaturen på tidsandan", Nyhetsbyrån Järva
2020.02.14 "Det långa 2010-talet", Kunstkritikk
2019.11.00 "The City Shines Everyday with New Stories", C-Print
2019.05.17 Interview, Kultwatch
2019.02.19 “Mycket Norrköping i Sundbyberg”, Norrköpings tidningar
2019.02.04 “Konstnärer undersöker försäljning av köpcentrum”, Stockholmdirekt/Vi i Sundbyberg (pdf)
2019.01.30 “Konstrecension: Polemik om våra offentliga rum på Marabouparken”, Dagens Nyheter (pdf)
2018.06.25 “Demokratiskt designgodis”, Sydsvenskan (pdf)
2017.08.06 “Vem har rätt till staden”, Svenska dagbladet (pdf)
2017.06.12 “Kampen om staden”, Kunstkritikk (pdf)
2016.03.05 “Köptempel med torgskräck”, Helsingborgs dagblad (pdf)
2015.12.09 “Gallerior nekar demonstrationer”, Stockholms Fria (pdf)
2015.06.05 “Den stora approprieringen”, Kunstkritikk (pdf)

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Iaspis Open Studios, 2020. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Engblad Béranger

WIP konsthall, 2020.

Residency room at Marapouparken Gästrummet, 2019

Sound piece “Centrumrapporten” and map at Konstfrämjandet, 2019

Group exhibition “Om rörelse/On movement”, Galleri Mejan, 2015

Workshop: “Mapping mall ownership”, Sites and Situations, Konstfack, 2017

Presentation and panel discussion: Exclusion PARSE 2nd Conference, Gothenburg, 2017

Presentation and panel discussion: Exclusion PARSE 2nd Conference, Gothenburg, 2017
Photo: Natalie Greppi / University of Gothenburg

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